Sunday, September 13, 2009

And then there were 3

I've been trying to find a job teaching online for over a year.

Now, in the last 2 weeks, I have 3.

I was offered positions at all 3 schools.

NAU - teaching a science methods course to master's degree students.

Primavera - teaching biology and physical science.

University of Phoenix - Teaching SCI/162 Principles of Health and Wellness (a science course).

How do I choose which one??

NAU - who knows what kind of career this could turn in to! I can go back and get my PhD for FREE. My kids can go to any university in Arizona for 25% tuition. I'd be teaching master's degree students who want to be there, and who are serious about college. 1 night a week at a top college for education? WOW.

Primavera - I MISS TEACHING. I miss teaching biology. I really do. Not only would I be teaching biology, but I'd also be teaching physical science. Great pay, but this one will be a lot more work than the other 2. I'd love to still teach and tutor science, but be able to do it from home.

University of Phoenix - I've been trying to get on with them for over a year. I've made it through the selection process once, only to be turned down. That was for a critial thinking course, but this is a SCIENCE course! I was offered this position. Again - who knows what kind of career this one could turn in to, too.

I prayed about it. I thought about it. I wrote down my pro's and con's of each one. I didn't get a good answer about any of them.

So, I went back to praying. This time, I changed my praying. The thought came in to my head of "why not try each one?" So I prayed about that. Yup, that's what I need to do.

Call me crazy, but I am going to do all 3. I'm going to do only 1 section of each course for each school, and give them all a chance. Then, I will have a much better understanding of which one will suit our needs at this time, and which ones I like the best. I don't want to close any doors. If I choose two, and turn down the third, I may really regret that.

I am blessed. My family is being blessed. I get to work from home and earn a decent income.'s nice to know that my education and teaching experiences are valued. When Primavera called and offered me the position, he said, "We'd be crazy NOT to hire you. You're exactly what we're looking for." Almost no greater compliment than that. Let's just hope I like the job. =)


Amy said...

Wow! Congrats! Good luck with all three!

Brianna said...

Blessings indeed! Good luck! I'm sure you will do great and this way when you do narrow it down you will have a better understanding of each and know which way to turn! I'm very excited for you. I need to start trying to get on somewhere so I can teach online as well. Keep up the good work! :)