Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fashion Sense

Some moms care what their children wear. They make sure their daughter's hair is done every day, their clothes always match, and that they are always presentable.

I am not one of those moms.

If I do Sariah's hair, it's undone in 5 minutes. This is why she has a haircut that looks good even when it's not brushed through.

Most days, Sariah doesn't even get dressed. That is alright with me. In Arizona, it's not cold! She can run around in a diaper all she wants. Saves on laundry, right?

There are some days where Sariah does want to get dressed. And, if we happen to go out, I let Sariah get herself dressed. She picks out what she wants to wear, shoes and socks included. Most days, she matches great! I love having a little independent munchkin.

Other days...she looks like this:

Flowery shirt (that's almost too small), polka dot shorts, red/blue striped socks, and her "princess shoes" (which are silver sparkly shoes).

We should all learn a few fashion lessons from my little diva.


Karen said...

Aaron insisted on dressing himself too. I finally just got him solid primary shorts that would match any shirt he choose... princess shoes were not an option for him. And the shorts... well, we lived in Arizona too.