Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dear Grandma and Grandpa Franklin

(As you can tell, your granddaughter wanted to be cheesy and not take a nice picture. Silly girl!)

There once were two kids
Who were so precious and dear.
They missed their grandparents so
And wished they were near.

These two kids missed their hugs
And missed when they would play.
They missed their "I love you's"
Said to them every day!

So these two sweet kids
thought and thought and thought and thought
About ways for them to see their grandparents
Very soon, and miss them not.

So to our Grandparents Franklin
Who we love so dear
"Please come and visit us
For Christmas this year!"

(Tickets are $250 each from December 17-31.)

(Mommy and Daddy invite you out for Christmas this year. They would love it, but not as much as we would!!)