Friday, November 6, 2009

Big Fat Jog

Flash back to December 1999. I was hit by a car. Not in a car, but WALKING across the street. I was hit. Not too much damage done - just a broken leg, an ankle that needed some repair, and a nasty black eye (well...the whole right side of my face, actually). The doctors in the ER said over and over again how I should not have survived that night. Well, I did. No damage. I didn't even black out - I remember it all. The cold pavement, moving my limbs to see what was broken, the sexy EMT cutting off my pants to get to my broken leg. All ingrained in my memory.

All of the damage was done on the right side of my body, because that's where I was hit. Somehow, my left knee was damaged, too. Actually, a whole chunk of the knee is missing. Like someone just scooped it out. I'll eventually have to have the knee replaced, but for now, it's fine. WAS fine.

Flash forward to 1 week ago. I started having pain in my left knee, and I knew it was due to the fact that I've been jogging and training for this 5k. It was annoying at first, enough to where I couldn't jog on it. I had my doctor check it out this morning.

Her words were: "Amber, you are doing great with your training. Keep it up! But, not until you lose 20 more pounds. Right now, because your knee is fragile, you are still too heavy to jog. It's nothing to worry about, and nothing that needs to be fixed. Your knee will be fine. Keep walking, but no jogging until you lose 20 more pounds."


Thankfully, I love my doctor. She tells me like it is, but with a smile on her face. My feelings weren't hurt, and I appreciated her taking a look at it.

So to my 5k - I'll have to put you on hold. I was looking forward to beating you, but that will have to wait for 20 more pounds to be gone off this body. There will be another one, and I WILL BEAT YOU.

Even more reason to keep going, right??


bedonts said...

Ohh Amber, I'm so sorry... definitely next time. I know you can do it! You've done amazing so far! Keep it up! But don't hurt yourself...that's the worst thing you could do!

I'll be with you when you do it! :) Just let me know!

Brianna said...

Amber, I never knew about that accident. I'm so sorry, but so glad you are okay. I know, that with your persistance and determination that you will make it to that 5k when you are ready! Perhaps by then I could join you. (Right now I'm barely home long enough to feed my kids dinner and tuck them into bed...) Hang in there!!!

Diane said...

You are totally inspiring. I cannot even imagine doing a 5k. Can I use the excuse that I am too old? I am cheering you on every step of the way.