Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Honey Wheat Rolls - First Try

I got her recipe to try homemade rolls. They looked SO good on her blog! I thought "I can do this."

Made the dough (yes, I cheated and used my KitchenAid. That's what happens when you have 3 kids under 3 in the house!):

I rolled them into balls and let them rise:

But somehow, they didn't turn out like hers. Maybe it's because she's been doing them for years and years and years?

Here's my finished product:

My other half said they tasted great!

They were moist and sure yummy when warm, if I do say so myself.

But, they seemed a little dense to me. Heavy, thick, if you will. They weren't dry, but they weren't light and fluffy like dinner rolls should be. Oh, and they were HUGE. I'll definitely make them smaller next time.

At least I didn't kill the yeast. =)

I'll try again. And I'll try homemade bread, and whole wheat pancakes, and lots of other yummy things using my food storage. I better learn to use it!


Brianna said...

They look really great for a first try! :)

BJ said...

The "stickier" the dough, the lighter the bread (ie - less flour will make them lighter).

They look AWESOME!

Amy said...

I am impressed!

Sabrina said...

Looks like your off to a great start. :)

Wendy said...

are you going to share the recipe??? They do look good!!!!

Brian and Natalie said...

Amber! I am so glad you found my blog! Your children are so BEAUTIFUL! You have such a sweet family! Are you still in Tucson? We're in Provo, but off to Medical school next fall.

I am so glad I can keep up with you now through our blogs! yay for blogging!