Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Frog Prince

Sariah's new favorite books are a series about Princesses. This is actually quite funny because she's not a princess. She doesn't play dress-up, she doesn't want dolls, and she doesn't watch princess movies (except Cinderella - and that's because she loves the evil cat).

So when we were given "Do Princesses Really Kiss Frogs" as a gift, I was completely taken back when she fell in love with it. We read it almost every day, and she loves hopping around the house like a frog. We also discovered the books "Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?", and "Do Princesses Scrape Their Knees?" So cute, and fun!

Flash forward to a couple of weeks ago when I asked Sariah what she wanted to be for Halloween. She said she wanted to be a princess. What?? Alright - weird, but alright. She also said that she wanted James to be a frog.

Yes, the princess did kiss the frog.

And no, she wanted NOTHING to do with her tutu that was made for her. Instead, she went in sweatpants. *sigh* Independence.

(What's even more silly is that I almost said that she couldn't go to the party unless she put her tutu on. What was I thinking???)

Here's our true princess - you know, the kind that wear sweat pants and sparkly shoes!

And our sweet little frog prince:

Some of the grand kids that went trick-or-treating in my parent's neighborhood:

Me with the kids:

After the party, my prince (who sported a U of A t-shirt) dropped our little prince and I off at home, and he dashed off with his little princess to the ward's Trunk-or-Treat. How I love him for taking her there, so I could send our babe off to dreamland. How I love him, no matter what.