Friday, September 10, 2010

Earning Her Keep

Sariah. *Sigh* What to do with this child.

I was recently talking with a behavioral therapist about the energy Sariah has. Sometimes, I am at a complete loss when trying to teach, discipline, and direct her. The therapist was very encouraging, telling me that she's very bright. Bright beyond her 3 year old self. She's creative, and needs creative outlets - constantly.

The therapist also said that Sariah is bored. She isn't satisfied doing puzzles that she knows how to do. That bores her. She needs puzzles that are way beyond her capabilities because her brain will thrive in the challenge. (This is going to get her in trouble in school! She's going to need a fantastic Kinder and 1st grade teacher!) She needs kitchens, dolls, and other toys that will foster her creativity and let her imaginative play excel. We are now officially on the hunt for some new toys! Craiglist and yard sales here we come.

Anyhow, back to Sariah. One of the ways she feels very important and useful is when she helps me clean. We clean the house every other Friday, and she is in love with cleaning. Wiping. Scrubbing. I usually let her have a wet paper towel and she goes to town!

The funny thing is, she is calling herself "Cinderella" because she's cleaning just like Cinderella. Here she is, wiping out the sink and cleaning the kitchen table. In her fancy tutu dress. My Grandmother Vene (who Sariah is named after...Sariah Vene) would be thrilled to see her namesake cleaning in her fancies.

And here she is, cleaning the toilets with dad. (I personally believe that cleaning the house should be a family affair. Jared gets the bathrooms.) Again, she's in her fancy church dress, and her church shoes. "Clean in your pearls," as my Grandmother Vene would say!

I only hope that I can foster this child's creative imagination, direct her energy in the right way, and create a child that has a love of learning, the gospel, and her family. I need to be better about playing games with her, doing crafts with her, and instilling a strong sense of self.


Wendy said...

You should get her a cleaning tiara to wear. You need one too. You are the queen of the castle afterall!