Tuesday, September 7, 2010

He's No Cowboy

When I was a teenager, I made a list of all of the things I wanted in my future eternal companion. I think we all did! Some of the list included the following:

Returned missionary
Loves me
Honors his priesthood

Is tall, dark, and handsome
Makes me feel special

Makes me laugh

Makes me feel sexy
Has motivation

Wants to get a degree to support his family

As the list grew, I started to add more of these types of qualifiers:
Drives a truck
Wears cowboy boots

Plays the piano

Is a cowboy

You see, I grew up riding horses and being a cowgirl (without dressing like one!). I wanted a cowboy to match my cowgirl heart.

Let's face it - I couldn't have married someone further than a cowboy! He can't stand country music, he won't step foot in a truck unless he has to, he won't be caught dead in cowboy boots, the only thing he knows about a piano is that the "things" are black and white (keys), and carries a tune that would make anyone cringe.

But - I love him. He has all of the important qualities - all of the first part of the list I posted. He served an honorable mission, married me in the temple, loves me fiercely, loves his children more than he can contain, thinks I am sexy, and is tall, dark and handsome. My heart races when I look into his chocolate eyes, and my toes tingle when I kiss his luscious lips.

And really - who doesn't love a man doing manly work? Even if it is just mowing the lawn - it's hot.