Saturday, September 25, 2010

Walmart Babies NO MORE!

A good friend of mine and I have this little joke. Whenever we see kids who are in their pj's all day, red popsicle syrup all over their face, hair matted from the night's sleep, we nic-name them "Walmart Babies." I know, not very nice. But if you see the kind of people that frequent the Walmart by my house, you will understand.

Sariah and James were starting to look like those said children. Hair way too long for their mother's liking, an unruliness that needed to be controlled.


After, little man all spikey. Baby no more:

And beautiful Sariah, with her golden locks that drive her dad crazy.

And then something happened after her hair was layered - the curls sprung to life! Her hair is GORGEOUS! Takes a little Infusium 23, and a little gel, but boy are they pretty.

Don't you feel so fresh and beautiful after a good haircut?


annieareyouok said...

They both look so cute with their hair done! I'm still trying to figure out a style for Devon that is easy and doesn't look messy. How this is possible (without shaving his head)on a toddle I don't know.

Gooch Family said...

Oh I love Sariah's hair!! And, way to go on the weight loss! 60lbs!!? Good job!