Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don't Chew Gum While Walking

There are things that should never be done in tandem.

** Drink and drive. (Duh.)
** Text and drive. (Double duh.)
** Brush your teeth while putting on mascara.
** Wear brown belt and black shoes, or visa versa.
** Order a quarter-pounder and a Diet Coke (Seriously - what's the sense?)
** Throw out the trash while eating a yummy dessert (the smell + yumminess = nauseating).
** Get your toddler dressed while talking on the phone.

Case in point:

I was talking to my brother about my sister being in the hospital, and retrieving my parents from the airport tomorrow night. I was lost in the conversation, and completely fixated with trying to figure out who was going to get my parents, and my sister being admitted with menengitis. I had no idea I put James in Sariah's pj's until the very end of the conversation.

Yes, they are 3T. Yes, I did change him.

Love that face. All 101.6 degree fever of him.


Jason and Amy said...

oh no is court okay?