Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Let Me Check Your Teeth"

When I was a teenager and dating, my dad didn't use scare tactics to force my suitors to treat me with respect. Oh no - he used weird tactics. "Come here, and let me check your teeth" he would say. And they would literally have to open their mouth so he could observe their pearly whites. My dad always said that you can tell a lot about a man based on the condition of his teeth, and his feet. He also said the same thing for horses...but you get the picture.

As time went on, my dad started to say the same thing to his grandkids. Sariah, especially, LOVES it when Grandpa wants to check her teeth. She giggles and squeals as he pokes around in her mouth, and investigates her pearly whites.

I am grateful for this, because when we started talking about going to the dentist, she immediately talked about Grandpa. We discussed how the dentist was like Grandpa, and wants to check her teeth and brush them. She was very excited to go! We found an absolutely amazing, kid-centered, kid-friendly dental office that is accepting new patients. Everyone is amazing, and they have the neatest little playroom for the kids!

Sariah climbed right up on to the chair, got in place, and let the dental assistant investigate all she wanted. She even got a cute pair of sunglasses to wear while the bright light was on. I'm telling you - this office has thought of EVERYTHING!

I was told that most 3 year olds are still a little apprehensive and usually sit in their mom's laps. Not Miss Adventerous! She wanted nothing to do with me, and everything to do with the neat dental tools.

They said I need to help her floss more, which I definitely admit. We have the brushing down, now we need to floss. But all in all, her teeth look great!

We're taking her back in the spring, and James will be joining her this time. James is a little more reserved and cautious. That should be interesting.


annieareyouok said...

Good for her for being so independent! Thanks for the referral. I need to take D in at some point and a good, kid-friendly dentist is helpful to hear about from someone who has been there.

Franklin Family said...

It's fun to see how independent she is becoming - I love that about little girls. I am happy to give you the referral - I really was blown away with their service. If you decide to go, will you let them know that I gave you the referral? I'll get a $25 credit, as will you. =)