Monday, September 12, 2011

He Swings, He Fallls!

Yesterday was a rough day for James.

I heard it from down the hall. It was at the beginning of Relief Society, and I could hear his cry growing louder and louder. The nursery worker pops into the Relief Society room, but doesn't see me. He immediately leaves, dashing around to try and find me. He escapes with my wailing son, and I chase after him. "Ed! Ed! I'm right here!" He turns around, and relief floods his face. He's telling me about how James pulled a table down on top of him and it smacked him right between the eyes. As he is talking, I can see the bump on his head, right between his eyebrows, getting larger and larger.

I thank Ed for his quick reaction to find me, and I bring James home. I give him some Tylenol, because I know he'll have a huge headache soon, give him some lunch and cuddles, and lay him down for a nap. This is, of course, after I watch for signs of a concussion. I was sure that he would wake up this morning with black and blue eyes, forehead, and nose. To my pleasant surprise, it wasn't as bad as I imagined!

The bridge of his knows is hugely swollen, as is the space between his eyebrows. His right eye is starting to turn black and blue, but this is about as worse as it's going to get.

James isn't a very brave boy just yet, so this experience really traumatized him for a little bit. He will grow up, and learn to be a little more careful in his play. But for now, I am content with the fact that I was the only one he wanted and could help him feel better.

In other news - I took Sariah to the doctor today. Diagnosis? Strep throat. Just what we need!