Sunday, December 16, 2007

Widowed Father Update

Thank you thank you thank you. Everyone who helped me collect as many items as I could for this father, thank you. I went around my neighborhood, asked all of my colleagues, and even asked my students, for help. Everyone I talked to was so touched by this story and was so willing to help. When it's all said and done, this is what was delivered to Andrue Smith (the father with newborn triplet boys):

* 241 packages diapers - all sizes
* 19 large cans formula (several were Costco-sized)
* 127 containers of baby wipes
* 6 boxes of baby wipes from Costco
* 21 baby blankets
* 12 bottles
* bags of baby clothes, hats, and socks
* 3 large roaring dinosaur toys
* 1 crib
* 1 triple stroller

When someone is in need, it always amazes me how everyone is there to step in and help. Thank you everyone for your help, you are all heroes tonight.


Jason and Amy said...

wow that is amazing! good work. I can only imagine all you would need with 3 little babies

The Wilkes said...

That's awesome what you did for that father...I'm sure it was a great experience to see how grateful he was when you showed up at his door with all of the goods.