Monday, October 6, 2008

A Bunch of Randomness

I'm cheesy...I like these kinds of tags because I love learning completely random things about my friends. So, here 'goes!

1. I'm secretly 80 years old. I love to cross-stitch, make home-made bread, and love snuggling in my afghan.

2. I can't paint my toenails to save my life! Those pretty toes you see all the time? Yup...pedicures at the nearest Vietnamese (they really are...I'm being politically correct here) nail salon.

3. I used to have 3 piercings in one of my ears. Double in the lobe, and one up top in the cartilage. Then President Hinckley told the young women in a conference that one ear piercing was sufficient, so I promptly took the rest out.

4. I balance my check book to the penny! We were starving students for years, so I had to know exactly how much we had in our checking account - thank goodness for online banking.

5. The thing I wanted the most in high school was to raise a steer for 4-H. I had horses, and wanted to raise a steer - mom and dad didn't go for that one.

6. It took Jared and I 3 years to have our little girl (end up all I needed was a hormone shot!). I marvel at the teenagers who have sex once, and get pregnant. I marvel at moms who have 6 kids, and end up with a "bonus baby," and then are not excited. I marvel at women who want a career, and don't want children. I marvel my little girl, who is the highlight of my life, second to my sweetheart.

7. Anytime Jared and I go to Vegas, I have to play/lose $20 on Blackjack. I love the game, and love the strategy, but am only willing to part with $20. If I win, Great! If not, I didn't break the bank.

Your turn, your turn, your turn!

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha, if I didn't know you from that description I would picture an old lady with piercings, knitting an afghan, while playing black jack at a casino. Too funny!

The Wilkes said...

Ha! Thanks for the tag, but I don't think I'm up for the task right now! But I did enjoy reading about your facts. Maybe Jared can get you a steer for your would be a fun playmate for Sariah! :)