Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hi. My name is Amber.

And I grew up with a mom who played Bridge.

On the designated evening, we (4 kids and dad) would all be shooed downstairs to watch a movie, and hang out. We weren't allowed upstairs until it was time for bed. Then we had to scurry past the intense game without a sound.

But oh the leftover snacks the next morning!!

I remember that sometimes, my dad would fall asleep while we were downstairs. We would sneak past him, creep up the stairs, and stand at the top of the stair well and listen to the gabbing going on between our mother and her friends. I don't remember any of the stories they told, but I remember being very very sneaky while listening to the gossip.

One particular evening, dad was away. Business trip, or something. We were watching "Dumbo" and it came to the part where Dumbo was being rocked by his imprisoned mother. "Baby Mine."

I lost it. I was so sad for this poor little orphaned elephant. I couldn't even fathom a life without a mother, and was so sad. I sobbed and ran upstairs to my mom. My mom who was playing Bridge.

She wasn't very happy, but understood I was sad. She gave me a quick kiss, and quickly sent me back downstairs to be with my siblings. They weren't sobbing, so they didn't really notice that I was.

I only needed therapy for a little while. (Just kidding!)

Flash forward to today. Today, Sariah, Emerson and I were watching "Dumbo".

When "Baby Mine" came, Sariah looked at me with tears about to spill over her little eyes, and right down her cheeks.

She sobbed and ran to me.

"His mommy is in JAIL!" she cried between heaving sobs.

I understood her pain. I understood her sadness, and her empathy for this poor baby elephant.

How did we make this moment happy?

We made our own peanut butter girl scout cookies. YUM.

No more tears, and our bellies are full.

NOTE: I love my mother. After having 2 small kids, I know what it's like to need an evening to yourself. I live for bookclub, and our Relief Society interest groups where we, as women, just get together and hang out. But my mom - she had 4 little kids, all 18 (ish) months apart, 2 of which were twins. 4 carseats, 4 highchairs, 3 sizes of diapers - she needed a break, and deserved every moment alone. If you know my mom, you know how amazing she really is.


bedonts said...

How sweet! Kinda funny that you both reacted pretty much the same way! Like Mother Like Daughter!!

Your cookies look delish.

Carlie said...

hasn't everyone had that moment with dumbo? i watched it while i was pregnant with aaron, and i was trying not to let ellena see me crying. she was sad too, and i'm sure we also drowned our sorrows in a high-fat sugar fest as well.

Brianna said...

I still cry when that part comes on! In fact, now that I am a mother, I cry even more!!!

And those cookies look really yummy...and I don't even like Peanut butter cookies. Hehe. So that's saying something. :)