Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Are YOU naked?

Trying to keep clothes on Sariah is like getting glue to stick to oil. Here's a little inside look at her stripping abilities:

Lately, her thing has been to take off her pj's and fall asleep in her diaper. Here's how we found her last night.

And how I found her this morning (shades are pulled close, so the lighting is terrible):

I am trying my hardest to hang on to each stage. I don't want to say "I miss when Sariah was...." because then I won't live in the now. Each stage of life is different, and is marvelous! She's learning so many new things, and the world is her playground right now. We should all be so lucky to look at our children, and enjoy the moment. I may take back those words when she's 15 and we're arguing about a belly button ring!


Sarah said...

She is soooooo stinkin cute!

Tidwell Family said...

cute blog, where did you get this amazing background? I thought Katie was a boy and Brandon was a girl, Josh we cheated and looked...hehehe