Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our Christmas

I'm a loser, forgive me. These are almost a week late, but at least they made it up here!

Christmas this year was so much fun, because Sariah actually got the hang of what was going on...sort of. By the time the last present was opened, she knew the fun in opening the gift.

My Christmas decorations are still up, because I just can't bear to take them down! I love the holiday season, the charitable attitudes, the anticipation of Santa, the baked goods (oooooh, the baked goods), the ambiance of Christmas tree lights at night.

Santa visited our house! Santa doesn't bring very much, but he sure brings fun things.

Sariah loved the soft athletic balls we got her! She insisted on carrying them around, all 4 of them, the rest of the morning.

As my children get older, Christmas will change. The types of gifts will change, and the attitude of Santa will change.

What I hope will never change is how our thoughts turn to Christ. His birth was the first step in being able to return to our Heavenly Father, and I know we will always have that be a part of our celebration.

Oh yeah...and I also hope the baked goods will never change. =) Our unborn child greatly appreciated those!