Monday, December 22, 2008

For the Record...

I, personally, think we're having a boy.

No dreams.

No revelations.

No reason to think this other than mother's intuition.

I knew Sariah was a girl. Maybe I'm right again with this one.

All I know is that I keep calling the baby "him" in my head.

I keep calling him by his name.

When I peruse Craigslist, I only pay attention to boy things.

Just mother's intuition.

Did anyone else "just know"?


Jen said...

I thought I knew with Lorelai because the pregnancy was so different than the first time. Aaron thought it was a girl, I "knew" it was a boy. I had dreams of a little boy, delivering a little boy, and actually dreamed of the full name for a little boy. I didn't get the boy, but I figure he must be waiting for me whenever I'm ready. Looking back, had I known we were having a girl and hadn't had that dream, and with everything going on with Rea, I probably would have said no more kids.
That said, a lot of times a mother's knowing the gender is spot on. Something about mother's intuition.

scrumdiddillyumptious said...

Congrats Amber! Its Bethany...I could only come up with girl names when I had my girl and boy names when I had my boys. As well, when I was pregnant with my first I told my husband that every baby after this would be a boy and I was right!

The Wilkes said...

So what's the name you keep saying in your head? :)

Carlie said...

i'm still not sure whether i just "knew" ellena was a girl, or i just really really wanted a little doll to dress up.
either way, i got what i wanted. bring on the boys!

Ren & Anna said...

Cute baby bump!! You look great! And yes, I knew...I wanted a girl so badly that I just kept pushing the boy feelings aside...but really, I knew it deep down. That would be so fun for you!