Friday, January 9, 2009

Caught on Camera

Part of Sariah's routine includes getting a sippy cup with milk after her evening bath. She sips on it in the evening before bed, and it calms her down while hydrating her for the evening. She carries the cups around with her everywhere, and has a tendency to deposit them in funny places. It's not until we smell them or realize we're missing a cup that we go hunting for the cup.

On Monday evening, Sariah had her sippy cup and was happily carrying it around while she played. We did our normal evening chores - picked up the living room/play room, cleaned the kitchen, put dishes in the dishwasher, made lunches for the next day, and laid out clothes. Somewhere in that mix, we noticed Sariah didn't have her cup with her. Uh oh.

After Sariah went to bed, we started to hunt for the cup. And hunt. And hunt. We COULD NOT FIND the cup ANYWHERE!

On Wednesday morning, I opened the dishwasher to unload it. I know, I should have done it on Tuesday but I didn't. Lo and behold...there was the cup!!! Sariah loves to play with the dishwasher and was playing with it while I loaded. She stuck the cup in the dishwasher, full of milk, and closed the door. The outside was nice and clean. The inside...gross...not so much. Half full of curdled milk. Cleaning out these cups doesn't bother me because she's hidden them in some interesting places.

One of the most interesting was at my mom's house - Sariah had been playing in my mom's huge tupperware drawer and deposited her cup in it. About 2 weeks later, it was found. GROSS.

Later that evening, Jared and I were having a quiet chat on the couch. He was working on his computer, and I went through the memory card on the camera. Jared had been taking pictures of Sariah playing with the dishwasher on Monday evening because it was actually pretty funny. He got the entire sequence of her putting the cup in the dishwasher and closing it up!!! We laughed and laughed while we went through the pictures.

Clearly holding her cup.

If you look closely, you can see the green lid of the sippy cup in the back right corner of the bottom rack.

Gone for almost 2 days!!

What will she come up with next (if I dare ask that question)?!?!


Jen said...

I LOVE that you caught it all on camera. What a great story. As for not unloading the dishwasher the next day, neither do I. I would rather spend time with the girls than worry about the dishes everyday. Sariah is adorable!

The Wilkes said...

Too funny! What a funny girl. It seems she is keeping you on your toes!

Aaron and Jessica said...

That's so funny that you actually had it on your camera! We have the same problem all the time with Brady-even like 5 minutes after we give it to him it's already hidden and we can't find it. But luckily with him he only drinks a little bit of milk at lunch or dinner and water or watered down juice is in his cut the rest of the time. So it's still gross when we find it later but not as bad as milk!