Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Quarry Solved

Remember how Sariah would take her pj's off and sleep naked?

Well, it needed to be fixed. Her room is really cold, and I felt bad when I'd go in there and wake her up to put her pj's back on.

We tried a few things. One thing we tried was putting a safety pin through the zipper and attaching it to her pj's. Well...that didn't stop our stripper. She quickly popped it open, breaking it and stabbing herself in the process.

Then my sister made a suggestion. See below.

That's right, we put her pj's on BACKWARDS! We flip the feet around so she can still walk...but it has worked like a charm.

Where did my sister get this wonderful thought? She said that my mom used to do this to one of us, but she couldn't remember who. Well, the other night, we were reminiscing and talking while the kids played. Out comes Sariah in her backwards pj's. My mom starts to giggle and says, "You know Amber, I had to do that to YOU too."

Great. She inherited this trait from me. Can't wait to see what else got passed down!


Jasmine said...

That's a great tip! Hopefully I never need it though :)

Aubry said...

That is hilarious sis. Sariah must have great finger control. My boys couldn't make heads or tails of the safety pin through the zipper. LOL

The Wilkes said...

Great idea. In response to your previous post about the birthing dilemma, I thought you might want to look into birthing orgasims. Sounds like a wonderful way to do it to me! :) Here is a link:

Emily said...

Great to know Kalia just stripped for the first time last night. At least I know what to do before it becomes a habit.:)