Friday, January 16, 2009

Mother's Intuition

I went to the doctor on Wednesday for my 16 week checkup.

Everything is going according to plan!

Baby is growing.

Moving (although I can't feel it yet).


I feel fantastic, except that I do not have my energy back and am constantly exhausted.

But something unexpected happened.

We know something now that we shouldn't know for 4 more weeks.

I feel kind of sneaky!

My doctor was 1 1/2 hours late to my appointment.

I was her last patient of the day.

I asked if she could peek in there and see if she could see pink or blue parts.

She got a gleam in here eye, and enthusiastically stated "YES!"

Mother's intuition was right this time.

We are having a BOY!!!

Little James.

I will scan the photos soon.

But for now, here's me at 16 weeks, with little James.

I still don't look pregnant...just an expanding belly.

Oh well...I'm the one who knows and that's enough.


Ren & Anna said...

Congrats!!!!! Yay for boys!! Oh, and I enjoyed reading what your doctor told you about natural births. Good to know. We can do it! :)

Jasmine said...

Yeah congrats! That's going to be a whole new world :)

The Wilkes said...

Congrats! We're excited for you guys. Time to start buying boys stuff...yea!

Aaron and Jessica said...

Yay! That's exciting! I can't believe you had to wait for 1 1/2 hrs! I thought by 16 weeks they should be able to tell, (obviously you found out) at least I've known lots of people that have known by then. I didn't find out until 22 wks with Brady though and that's on the very late end of it! (I wanted to wait for Aaron to get home from Afghanistan!) Anyway, that's so exciting to know already.

Jason and Amy said...

a boy, hooray! u will be the perfect family of 4. thrilled for u

Adrian said...

That WAS very sneaky of you! How fun to find out so early!! Congrats on having a boy! You look FABULOUS!!

Matthew and Courtney said...

Dude, you are taking our name!!! I guess Jamison will have to be in another family. Congrats.

Emily said...

Congratulations! You already have one of each. Perfect.