Monday, February 9, 2009

Dog Heaven

Sariah misses having a dog around the house. She was great friends with Corona and Chief, and squeals with delight whenever encountered with another pooch.

My friend, Allison, watches Sariah for me on Thursdays when I teach. Guess what they have? A huge chocolate lab named Chico. Sariah LOVES Chico, and Chico LOVES Sariah.

Chico is kind of a lazy puppy - and Sariah takes full advantage of this custom pillow every chance she gets.

What I love about the second picture is Sariah has turned over to pat the dog and give her loves. Also, Chico is licking Sariah's head, returning the loves.

Such a lovey girl (when she's not scratching!).


BJ said...

I'm jealous! Chico won't let me use her as a pillow and I'm the one that feeds her!!!