Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To Save, Or Not To Save?

I have a dilemma.

I hate clutter. I really hate clutter.

I feel like I'm saving things that I don't really need to save.

For example - baby girl clothes. I literally have 5 storage bags full of little girl clothes from newborn to current. Do I really need to save these?

We have a small house, and I'm really trying to clear out clutter to make room for a new baby.

So I pose the question to you - is it really worth it to hang on to these bags and bags and bags (and more to come bags as she gets older) for the next girl?

Who knows if the 3rd (and last) child will be a girl? It will be at least 3 years before we get to pull them out and use them.

So - save the clothes for the chance of another baby girl? Or sell them and make a little money?

I NEED your opinions!!!


Jen said...

I saved Rea's clothes, and luckily we had another girl so it was worth it. A space saving idea that we have used are the space saving bags. Depending on how much you can stuff into a bag (label the size), you can fit quite a few of them in one large storage container, eliminating a bunch of them. Just a thought, but in all honesty do what is best for you and your state of mind! lol :)

Carlie said...

i am a saver, but also a de-junker too. i would go through the clothes and pull out those that can be gender neutral (there's probably more than you think!) and organize the rest by month sizes. or, if it's still too much, just keep the cutest ones, or the ones given to you by moms and such. if they are still good, donate them to DI and let someone else use them that really need it now.

Sarah said...

keep the outfits that you really like and are in good condition

Aaron and Jessica said...

I have kept Brady's clothes and have the same problem as you! But I put them in those space saver bags by size as he grew out of them so I kind of have them organized already but that doesn't mean they take up less space! Since they are flattened out, we put some under our guest bed stacked up and the rest in his closet with other baby things.

Jason and Amy said...

I go through the kids clothes and keep the ones that are still in great condition and the ones i really love. The others i take to kid to kid (and get like 30 bucks for 2 bins of clothes, so i dont really make money) or give to my cousins/friends who want them.

The Wilkes said...

Good luck...I agree with Carlie. Just keep the ones you like and get rid of the stuff you never had Sariah wear.

Adrian said...

I have no advice since I've only begun this process! But if you're looking to get rid of stuff, my 5 week old is still swimming in newborn clothes and we could take some off your hands! ;)