Thursday, February 12, 2009

Snow Day!!! Snow Day???

My friend, Sarah, posted this post about her husband having a snow day due to a couple inches of snow in Seattle. I giggled at her hysterical account of growing up in Utah where they never had a snow day, then moving to Seattle where a couple inches shuts down the city.

Then she understood why - NO SNOW REMOVAL.

Once in a GREAT while, Tucson will be blessed with some of that fun white stuff. Such was the case on Tuesday. When Jared got the phone call early Tuesday morning telling him that he was "authorized to work from home," we all leapt with joy! Well...once we were awake, that is.

See, the city where he works is at a much higher elevation than we are, so they got a good few inches. And guess what? NO SNOW REMOVAL.

What's a girl to do when her spouse is unexpectedly home? Enjoy it! And ask him to fulfill some of your well-deserved-pregnancy cravings.

We had breakfast (eggs benedict...yum), caffeine-free diet coke, and a movie. Another little slice of heaven.

And, of course, our girl had to get all dressed up for the occasion, sporting her favorite hat.

Our area didn't get much snow, but we did get a little. Other areas of town, especially up in the high foothills, were blessed with up to 6 inches. Lucky ducks! Here's the remnants of our snow...impressive, eh? By the time we got up, the sun was shining and it was all but gone.


The Wilkes said...

Ummm...I wouldn't call that miserable white stuff a blessing! :) Well...maybe...someday I will forget about living in it and cursing everytime I see it and maybe...someday I might get excited about it. But right now I shudder at the thought it. :)