Monday, February 9, 2009

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Clothes!

The stripping saga continues. LOL - what's a mom to do? Capture it on camera, of course!

This morning, Sariah was NOT going to have her own clothes on. Instead, she chose my nephew Parker's extra Spiderman underwear, and one of Jared's dress socks to wear. The result? A new superhero named Knee-High Underwear Chick!

In the other hand - she's completely into putting clothes on. Ironic, huh? She wants to put her pants on herself, and her socks on herself. Here she is, putting on my socks while I was folding laundry.

And if THAT weren't enough!! On Saturday, I laid down about 1:30 to take a little rest. Not 10 minutes after I laid down, Sariah was playing in her crib - awake and ready to play. Then she got really quiet. Silly me...I thought she was snuggling with her blankie and having some quiet time (which she often does). In reality, she was taking off her clothes AND diaper, and peeing in her crib.

When I went in to get her, I found her naked. After I stopped taping, I saw the little puddle of pee on her sheets. What is funny, is in the video, she keeps pointing to the pee spot and grabbing her crotch. She was trying to tell me she peed in the bed, and I was completely oblivious. When I pan down to her pile of clothes, you can see her little foot in the corner, pointing to the pee for me. C'mon mom!

The sweetest part of it all? Before I went in to her room, I kept hearing her say "sorry" in her own babble. I had no idea what she was saying sorry to, or why. After I took Sariah out of her crib, I started unloading all of her animals and blankets. I felt some wet on the tip of Sariah's pig's foot. She had peed on the pig's foot (the pink blob in her crib), and was saying sorry to it!! Now only if she would say sorry to the kids she scratches in nursery...