Sunday, February 15, 2009

Open Gym

There's a little local gymnastics place that has "Open Gym" on Fridays for kids up to age 4...or 5...? Something like that - only small kids.

Sariah and I have been going, and she LOVES it. They pull out all the fun gymnastics toys and the kids just go crazy. Sariah's favorite thing is this long runway trampoline. She hops on it, and runs on it!

Here is Sariah hopping:

Here is Sariah running. She actually gets going really fast. Sometimes, she gets going so fast that she can't stop and does a face-plant.

There's one trampoline that all the kids usually bicker over because there's only one person allowed on it at a time. However, totally unbeknownst to the other kids, there's another trampoline in the back of the gym...and Sariah had it almost all to herself.

Aiden and Parker also love going to Open Gym. They're more skilled at tumbling than Sariah! There's a big open foam pit that they love running and jumping in to. Here's Parker:

And here's Aiden! I love how he just launches himself in to the pit:


Aaron and Jessica said...

Which gym is it? I went to one in Rita Ranch with Brady on Friday that I was just about to post pictures of! How much is it for how long? Maybe I'll go to that one instead if it's closer!