Friday, February 27, 2009

Dukes of Hazard!

Remember that show?

How the boys NEVER entered any building or car via the door?

Well, growing up, my siblings and I used to do the same thing.

We hardly climbed into the family Suburban through the door - we "Dukes of Hazard"ed it through the window.

Some things never change.

I'm pretty sure they ran around like this, too.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I am pregnant.

Therefore, I am allowed certain indulgences.

Such as eating the middle piece.

Because it's my favorite part of the whole cake.

Daddy and His Girl

Sariah LOVES her daddy.

Jared LOVES his little girl.

Every chance they get, they are together - playing, wrestling, reading, playing outside.

Melts my heart to see my love so preciously devoted to his little one.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears - Oh My!

Last Monday, we spent President's Day morning at the zoo. Sariah LOVES the zoo, and couldn't wait to wiggle out of her stroller to see all the animals. Here are some highlights of our adventures:

Sariah had a blast. As demonstrated in this last picture, she hardly stayed by our sides and remained a constant 10-20 feet in front of us. Am I ready for such independence??

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To Save, Or Not To Save?

I have a dilemma.

I hate clutter. I really hate clutter.

I feel like I'm saving things that I don't really need to save.

For example - baby girl clothes. I literally have 5 storage bags full of little girl clothes from newborn to current. Do I really need to save these?

We have a small house, and I'm really trying to clear out clutter to make room for a new baby.

So I pose the question to you - is it really worth it to hang on to these bags and bags and bags (and more to come bags as she gets older) for the next girl?

Who knows if the 3rd (and last) child will be a girl? It will be at least 3 years before we get to pull them out and use them.

So - save the clothes for the chance of another baby girl? Or sell them and make a little money?

I NEED your opinions!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Open Gym

There's a little local gymnastics place that has "Open Gym" on Fridays for kids up to age 4...or 5...? Something like that - only small kids.

Sariah and I have been going, and she LOVES it. They pull out all the fun gymnastics toys and the kids just go crazy. Sariah's favorite thing is this long runway trampoline. She hops on it, and runs on it!

Here is Sariah hopping:

Here is Sariah running. She actually gets going really fast. Sometimes, she gets going so fast that she can't stop and does a face-plant.

There's one trampoline that all the kids usually bicker over because there's only one person allowed on it at a time. However, totally unbeknownst to the other kids, there's another trampoline in the back of the gym...and Sariah had it almost all to herself.

Aiden and Parker also love going to Open Gym. They're more skilled at tumbling than Sariah! There's a big open foam pit that they love running and jumping in to. Here's Parker:

And here's Aiden! I love how he just launches himself in to the pit:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Snow Day!!! Snow Day???

My friend, Sarah, posted this post about her husband having a snow day due to a couple inches of snow in Seattle. I giggled at her hysterical account of growing up in Utah where they never had a snow day, then moving to Seattle where a couple inches shuts down the city.

Then she understood why - NO SNOW REMOVAL.

Once in a GREAT while, Tucson will be blessed with some of that fun white stuff. Such was the case on Tuesday. When Jared got the phone call early Tuesday morning telling him that he was "authorized to work from home," we all leapt with joy! Well...once we were awake, that is.

See, the city where he works is at a much higher elevation than we are, so they got a good few inches. And guess what? NO SNOW REMOVAL.

What's a girl to do when her spouse is unexpectedly home? Enjoy it! And ask him to fulfill some of your well-deserved-pregnancy cravings.

We had breakfast (eggs benedict...yum), caffeine-free diet coke, and a movie. Another little slice of heaven.

And, of course, our girl had to get all dressed up for the occasion, sporting her favorite hat.

Our area didn't get much snow, but we did get a little. Other areas of town, especially up in the high foothills, were blessed with up to 6 inches. Lucky ducks! Here's the remnants of our snow...impressive, eh? By the time we got up, the sun was shining and it was all but gone.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Little Slice of Heaven

Don't you love the days when both of these things are happening at THE SAME TIME in the morning?

Sleeping in unexpectedly - a little slice of heaven.

The New Leg Warmers

Sariah is in love with Jared's dress socks.

You know you want to wear a pair around the house as leg warmers!

She even put her "dirty" socks (the ones I had just put on her feet) in our hamper!

*NOTE* Sariah did all of this all by her self while I was in the shower. If we ever wonder if our children are paying attention, it's little things like this which tell us to be better examples.

Monday, February 9, 2009

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Clothes!

The stripping saga continues. LOL - what's a mom to do? Capture it on camera, of course!

This morning, Sariah was NOT going to have her own clothes on. Instead, she chose my nephew Parker's extra Spiderman underwear, and one of Jared's dress socks to wear. The result? A new superhero named Knee-High Underwear Chick!

In the other hand - she's completely into putting clothes on. Ironic, huh? She wants to put her pants on herself, and her socks on herself. Here she is, putting on my socks while I was folding laundry.

And if THAT weren't enough!! On Saturday, I laid down about 1:30 to take a little rest. Not 10 minutes after I laid down, Sariah was playing in her crib - awake and ready to play. Then she got really quiet. Silly me...I thought she was snuggling with her blankie and having some quiet time (which she often does). In reality, she was taking off her clothes AND diaper, and peeing in her crib.

When I went in to get her, I found her naked. After I stopped taping, I saw the little puddle of pee on her sheets. What is funny, is in the video, she keeps pointing to the pee spot and grabbing her crotch. She was trying to tell me she peed in the bed, and I was completely oblivious. When I pan down to her pile of clothes, you can see her little foot in the corner, pointing to the pee for me. C'mon mom!

The sweetest part of it all? Before I went in to her room, I kept hearing her say "sorry" in her own babble. I had no idea what she was saying sorry to, or why. After I took Sariah out of her crib, I started unloading all of her animals and blankets. I felt some wet on the tip of Sariah's pig's foot. She had peed on the pig's foot (the pink blob in her crib), and was saying sorry to it!! Now only if she would say sorry to the kids she scratches in nursery...

Dog Heaven

Sariah misses having a dog around the house. She was great friends with Corona and Chief, and squeals with delight whenever encountered with another pooch.

My friend, Allison, watches Sariah for me on Thursdays when I teach. Guess what they have? A huge chocolate lab named Chico. Sariah LOVES Chico, and Chico LOVES Sariah.

Chico is kind of a lazy puppy - and Sariah takes full advantage of this custom pillow every chance she gets.

What I love about the second picture is Sariah has turned over to pat the dog and give her loves. Also, Chico is licking Sariah's head, returning the loves.

Such a lovey girl (when she's not scratching!).

Sunday, February 1, 2009





Popcorn popping.


Gas bubbles.

Whatever you want to call it, or how you want to describe it...James' movements made themselves known this weekend.

It was of my favorite parts of being pregnant.

So Feminine

Our daughter has the BEST manners.