Saturday, August 15, 2009

2 going on 5

Sariah thinks she's 5 years old. She wants to go to school, she reads books to herself, and is starting to write her letters (or so she thinks). She can count to 50, is talking all over the place, and in general is a "BIG" girl. She has started to take an interest in the potty, and underwear, but still isn't ready to potty-train. I'm really not ready for her to grow up, so this isn't something that I am pushing. She just turned 2, so I still have plenty of time. She has done everything else early, so I'm ready for her to slow down a little!

To commemorate this sudden change of toddler-status, we got Sariah a haircut. She looks SO CUTE!

Before (wearing all 10 pair of her big-girl underwear):

After (don't you LOVE the curls??):


annieareyouok said...

i do LOVE the curls. so cute.