Wednesday, August 19, 2009


What does this look like to you???

I walked by the kitchen, and nearly JUMPED out of my skin when I saw this!

"How in the world did a SNAKE get in the house?!?!"

I slowly crept up to it, armed with a broom in hand (which was conveniently in the living room b/c it's Sariah's new favorite toy), ready to attack in a split second.

When I came upon the poor unsuspecting creature, this is what I found:

A piece of play jewelry that my niece trotted all over the house this morning, and deposited on the kitchen floor on her way out the door to the backyard.


...............And I'm a dork.


Aaron and Jessica said...

That would totally be me too! I once jumped at my own shadow in the kitchen getting a drink of water late at night before going to bed. I saw my arm move and a flash of something (my glass) and I nearly dropped the glass before I realized that it was me! I'll be in the dork club with you! :)

bedonts said...

I would have thought the exact same thing! Yikes, good thing it wasn't a snake!

Tucson Mom said...

You are not a dork! I would have thought the same thing but would be not so willing to get close to it as you were. I HATE snakes with a passion. Good thing I live in Arizona then...

Jen said...

I would have jumped on the countertop, screamed for the girls to go upstairs and called Aaron to come help. It would have been after his 40minute drive that we would have discovered it was a toy. :) You're a lot braver than I am, that's for sure!

Brianna said...

Based on your first totally looks like a snake. I'm sure I would have freaked out, and not having my husband in town, I'm really not sure what I would have done. I probably would have grabbed my kids, and together sat somewhere up high, watching the snakes movements, and waited for someone to come help me. I'm not a snake person!!! Glad it was just a necklace. :)