Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sariah Saves the Day! (Kind Of)

Let me paint the picture for you:

Sariah is sleeping.

Emerson (my niece) is sleeping.

James is sleeping.

It's quiet.

The living room is clean.

Therefore, I put my head down.

I rest my head for a lovely 30 minutes. Just enough to renue myself.

I am awakened by my hungry son. It is time for his meal, and he means business.

I scoop up my wailing offspring, and he eagerly starts eating.


No problem. When he finishes eating, I'll change his diaper.

Oh wait. His diapers are in Sariah's room.

No problem. I'll grab a diaper from the diaper bag.

Oh wait. The diaper bag is in Sariah's room.

Do I dare go in there and chance waking her up?


What am I going to do? I can't let the poor boy sit in his poo for the next hour!

Just then, something catches my eye...

Yes, that's Sariah's duck...wearing one of James' diapers!!

Sariah is going through this little mommy phase where ALL of her animals have diapers on.


I grab the diaper off of the duck, knowing that Sariah can always put a new one on it later.

Now, where are the wipes.

Uh oh...those are in Sariah's room, too...


Aubry said...

I love this story Ams... so cute that she puts diapers on her little "friends/babies"... oh, and wet paper towels work wonders in a pinch... believe me, I have used them.

Sabrina said...

What an adorable story. Who says there is no adventure in the life of a mother?