Sunday, August 2, 2009


LOL. I am STILL laughing about this. And TOTALLY embarrassed.

So the story goes a little something like this.

I am the ward organist. I taught myself how to play the organ when our sweet bishop had no luck finding someone to replace the organist who moved out of the ward. Cue me - and I'm still learning. Luckily, I am also the music chairperson, so I get to choose the hymns every Sunday.

Please turn to page 161 in the hymn book. The title of this hymn is "The Lord Be With Us." In the hymn book, it's a small hymn at the bottom of the page with 2 lines. See those 2 simple little lines?

This is a new song for me. Once in a while, I'll throw in songs that I don't know so the congregation has exposure to songs that aren't familiar. As I'm practicing the song this morning, I'm playing the 2 lines and am not quite sure how I like the song. I'm thinking to myself, "Wow, this has a very funny ending to it. It doesn't sound like it has closure." Oh well - I'm not the one who wrote it.

Sacrament meeting is over, and it's time for the practice hymn, which is this new song. I start playing the introduction, and am ready to start the song...only no one else is. The chorister starts waving her arm, and I follow suit. NO ONE IS SINGING. Oh well, it's only Sunday School. We promptly sing all 3 verses, and all is well.

After the song is over and everyone is dismissed, the chorister comes up to me and asks, "What happened?"

I'm baffled. "What do you mean?" I ask.

She turns to the hymn, and points to a 3rd line up at the top of the next page!!!

Oops. I didn't even SEE the 3rd line at the top of the page. I never saw it. Not when I was practicing, and obviously not when I was playing.

This is why no one was singing - they didn't know when I was going to stop, and when I was going to start!!!

This is why the song had a funny ending - IT WASN'T THE ENDING!!!

There were several who watched my face as the chorister pointed out my obvious blunder, and many started cracking up when I realized what had happened. I was SO embarrassed, but will be the first to admit that it was very funny.

You know what we're going to do? Sing it again next week. This time, I'll play it right. This time, everyone will sing. Hopefully, they won't release me just yet. I'll get the hang of it!


Aubry said...

oh dear, Ams... sooo funny. I kinda felt the same way once... when I was still a YW, I was the Sunday School chorister. I could lead music, but hadn't yet been introduced to cut offs... I would just go from the last beat of the song to the first beat without a pause. I couldn't figure out why everyone was always singing behind my conducting. I was actually quite frustrated... until a good friend pointed out that a pause between verses was appropriate. I felt so silly and not a little embarrassed.
I am sure everyone understood.
Plus, I swear something happens to brain cells when you have children... and you have two now.
I love ya!

bedonts said...

It was so funny! But don't worry, it took me a while to realize the rest of the song was at the top of the next page too. I was sitting there trying to figure it out. . .it sounded wrong somehow. . . then I saw it! No harm, you're just keeping us on our toes! And hey, some people didn't even notice anyway! :) You're GREAT!

TucsonBrowns said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you have a great sense of humor about was awesome to laugh together in RS!

Pat and Dave said...

Your face was priceless! I was having a hard time with the 'dischord' the song was ending with so until I realized there was a 3rd line. Dave leaned over and I said "Watch Amber's face, Laura is telling her!" Again PRICELESS!!! I am glad to know you are human and will still be spending some time with us here on Earth and not being translated!

BJ said...

You're a good sport.
I wanted find the nearest piano to resolve the cadence.
I've been there done that - you'll never make that mistake again! :)
Plus - with all the teachers gone, not many people are singing anyway - he he