Saturday, August 15, 2009

Snuggles and Smiles

To put it plainly - James LOVES snuggling.

I always wanted a snuggly baby. Sariah would have nothing to do with it, and still doesn't (unless she's super tired or sick - and that happens once in a blue moon). So when I found out I was pregnant again, I prayed for a snuggly baby.

I got what I wanted...and it's wonderful. It's wonderful when I'm the only one who can calm him. It's wonderful when I get him in his little "nook" on my chest, and he buries his face and promptly falls asleep.

Lately, he's all smiles. He smiles so big that it usually shuts his eyes!! Here are some cute pictures of him smiling.

(Our little pirate.)


Jessica McFarland said...

I am impressed you got such good pictures of his smile. TOO CUTE!! I am so glad I got to snuggle with him the other night.

Sarah said...

so sweet!

Aaron and Jessica said...

I am jealous you have such a smiley baby boy! My baby boy was a serious little thing. He smiles a lot now but when he was an infant it was impossible to get him to crack!

bedonts said...

How adorable! Glad you got your snuggler!

Aubry said...

Oh I love these pics... sooo cute. And snuggly babies are the best!