Monday, June 15, 2009

I love baby blessings

Yesterday, my sister and her husband were able to bless their little girl, Makenzie.

There were 12 priesthood holders in the circle. Amazing. It was truly a sight to behold. I have to admit that my heart leaped as I watched my husband join them in the circle. Handsome as ever.

NOTE: Jared was actually really sick. He thought he had strep throat, but that was ruled out when he visited the doctor. He did have a nasty tonsil infection, and had just gotten some antibiotics in his system when he left. He still helped me in every way he could, and was such a trooper.

This is Makenzie, and she is wearing the dress that my sister wore when she was a baby, 26 years ago. My mother made it, and Sariah was also blessed in it.

Isn't she sweet?!?!

Because the blessing was in Mesa, we took advantage of this and actually went up on Saturday (as did most of our family). We hung out, went to Peter Piper Pizza for dinner, slept in a hotel, and had a marvelous time!

One thing that Jared and I did, which we have never done, was take Sariah to the temple. Jared and I try to go every month, but we leave Sariah at home in Tucson. Thus, we have NEVER taken her! As we realized this, we made the decision to get ready early and galavant on the temple grounds for a little bit before sacrament meeting. The day couldn't have been prettier. I don't think I can describe the feeling of having my small family on the temple grounds, together, as Sariah sung "I Love To See the Temple."

After the blessing, we had an AMAZING lunch of enchiladas, chips, salsa, and yummy dessert. No one throws a family party like the Porters!


bedonts said...

Sounds like such a Great time! Glad you were able to go and spend some time on the temple grounds with Sariah. What a fun experience.

You look so beautiful! Before long you will be having the family party celebrating the blessing of a sweet little boy!! Very exciting!


Jessica McFarland said...

What a great weekend. I love the pictures and that blessing dress is AMAZING!!

Johnson-n-Johnson said...

you look so happy amber! and your family is beautiful. I met your little independent at Wendy's house a few weeks ago, and she makes me giggle! great to see you!