Saturday, June 6, 2009

Welcome Grandma Franklin!!!

Every summer, my M-I-L visits from Illinois. She spends anywhere from 6 weeks to almost 3 months, and we LOVE having her here! She was able to be here for Sariah's birth, her first birthday, and will now be here for the birth of James and Sariah's 2nd birthday. This is her 5th summer staying with us, and we hope she continues it every year.

And yes, I love my M-I-L. Some can be monsters. Mine isn't. If she was, I wouldn't let her stay in my home for so long. =)

Today is the day that Grandma Franklin arrived! To prepare for her arrival, Sariah made her a "Welcome" poster.

This is how it started out:

And when Sariah started adding her finger paints:

Of course, half ended up on the paper and half ended up all over Sariah.

What's the easiest way to wash all that paint off? Why, fill up the pool, of course!

And the finished product, with foam sticker animals and all. The gift basket is full of Grandma Franklin's 2 favorite things: new towels, and soap:

NOTE: The reason it says "Welcome Grandma Franklin!! (from Illinois)" is because whenever she calls and leaves a message on the answering machine, she HAS to say: Hello Sariah. This is your Grandma Franklin...from Illinois. It's very endearing.

We are looking forward to 6 wonderful weeks with Grandma Franklin!


Diane said...

This reminds me that Sariah and I read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie about 9 times the other day!

Matthew and Courtney said...

How sweet. It is great to have a welcome gift for your new roommate!

Aaron and Jessica said...

Very cute!
FYI-Aaron told me he just found out you were having a boy and naming him James the other day when he helped Jared move that cabinet. He told me like I didn't already know and I told him back that he should try to think that he knows things before me! :) it was funny! Where has he been the last 3 months you've known? I know I told him. OH well!!!! :)