Friday, June 19, 2009


***DISCLAIMER*** This post talks about dilation of my cervix. If that is offensive to you, then you may skip this post. =)

NOTE: Looks fakely square, huh? I don't think I really look pregnant - I look abnormally oblong.

With Sariah, I started dilating at 37 weeks.

At 37, I was a 1.

At 38, I was a 2.

At 39, I was close to a 3.

When my water broke at 39 +2, I was close to a 4, and 75% effaced. Thus, my labor was quick. My body was ready.

So, when my doctor told me at 37 weeks: "Nothing is happening. No dilation, no effacement.", I was disappointed. My body hasn't started doing its job.

Then I went to the doctor on Thursday. 38 weeks + 1 day. I broke down in tears. In between sobs, I explained how bad my back really was, including the shooting pains down my legs coupled with the feeling that my legs were going to give out. I expressed my innermost turmoil about not being able to fulfill my duties as a wife and mother because I can hardly walk in the evenings.

She handed me Kleenex, and then chuckled. "Amber, I never have had to give you Kleenex. You must have been holding this in for a while."

I had been.

She then gently reminded me that I could be induced at 39 weeks. WHAT?!? No way was I going to be induced. I want a natural childbirth because I know I can do it, and I wanted the experience of being in charge of my own birth (granted things go normally). Plus, I explained my hesitations of being induced when I hadn't started progressing. That would make for a very long induction.

So she checked me.

"Oh Amber, you're 4 cm dilated, and about 80% effaced." I could hardly believe my ears!!! 4 cm in 1 week??? Maybe there was hope, and an end in sight.

So, I caved. I scheduled an induction date for Thursday, June 25, given that he doesn't come before then. Do I feel like I have let myself down for scheduling an induction? Nope - and it's because if you could spend 24 hours in my body right now, I promise that you would do the same thing.

As I left the doctor's office, I called everyone and told them the fantastic news. I was starting to move in the right direction! Shoot, I was almost half way there! I celebrated by getting a pedicure and pampering my swollen piggies.

Anyone heard of cohosh? Does it work?


Ren & Anna said...

Oh so close!! I don't blame you one bit for scheduling that induction. I had the same dilemma...but enough is enough! I don't regret it one bit! :)

Gooch Family said...

Very cool! Almost there, good luck next week!

bedonts said...

I'm so excited for you! I had the same problem with Samantha. She sat real low and I had BAD siatic (sp?) nerve pains shooting down my legs...I couldn't even dress myself, let alone do the regular duties of a mother and house wife... It was miserable! I wish you luck! I hope he comes on his own so you can accomplish your goal of a natural childbirth. But remember you are just a amazing...even if you don't do it naturally! Good luck! I'll be thinking about you! Let us know when he makes his entrance! :)

Adrian said...

Oh Amber! Just do it and be done! I have to say, I really enjoy reading your posts debating natural vs induction dilemma. I have the same thoughts going through my head, but you just do all the research and get to experience it soon (and I am no where near ready for #2)! I'm so curious to see what happens and your thoughts on everything! We just can't wait to see your little James! Btw, have you trained your hubby on blogging so we can see pics asap? Good luck! You're in my prayers!

Carlie said...

my family does not do early or little babies. when i watched my sister pass her due dates with all 3 kids, i did not hesitate to schedule an induction on my due date. it really was a piece of cake, and honestly, easy to plan for. i didn't have to stress about it.
i'm all for it! you'll be relieved!