Saturday, June 20, 2009

No Envy, Please

I'm not a sewer. I'm usually not a fan of home-made things such as dresses, etc.

But when I saw THIS cute dress on my niece, I had to make one for Sariah.

So, I made 2.

I tried 2 different styles - one with a thin bottom piece, and one with a thicker bottom piece. The one with the green bottom actually needs to be hemmed, but I thought they turned out great. Especially for a novice!


Jessica McFarland said...

SOOO cute. You might have to give me the pattern. Although I don't really sew.

bedonts said...

Very cute! Nice job!

Aubry said...

La-la-love it Ams

Adrian said...

absolutely darling!!!

GKWilkes said...

Love it! it makes me want to have kids jut so I can dress them! Too cute!